Good Bacteria Labs

Foods 2 is making their own good bacteria to eat. Yes, we are learning two methods that Mrs. Brown has done for quite some time. One group made the crock pot method while another group made it using a more advanced method using the euro cuisine maker.

Students found that both tools produce a good-quality yogurt with great tasting results.

We first had a lab making smoothies.

yogurtI like to make strawberry banana and chocolate peanut butter smoothies using the  yogurt.


I like giving students choices and showing them how simple it is to make a healthy snack with wholesome ingredients.

IMG_2799We use our leftover smoothie to make frozen yogurt pops. I usually use popsicle sticks, but when I’ve misplaced them, straws cut in half will due. Bathroom paper cup size usually works better to tear the wrapper, but these plastic ones will slip off when clipped with scissors. Sometimes it’s good to show students ways to be creative and improvise.

Our last yogurt lab was pancakes made with yogurt. We had some strawberry pie filling we decided to dallopp in the middle of some of them. The pancakes were a huge hit.

Oh the foods you can make with yogurt. And the best part was the milk price has dropped drastically from last year. We had quite a few frugal labs using yogurt. I know students got the point that good bacteria is yummy and good for you.


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