Safety and Sanitation: Taco Menu

IMG_2805Our very first lab focuses on safety and sanitation in foods 1. Students are graded on how well they are using their knowledge from this unit of handling raw meat safely, washing and drying towels frequently, using a timetable of a taco menu created the day before.

Groups were formed ahead of time with a head chef/manager with some cooking experience and students planned a time table so their meal was hot and the beverage was cold.

IMG_2811Lots of smiles on our first lab. Can you tell we are expecting snow?

IMG_2806Students are practicing take the internal temperatures in the center of the cooked chicken.


Julie and Haebeen have the shredding of chicken down pat. My kitchen hack is using two forks to shred it before adding the seasoning. I’d show them the kitchen aid mixer way if we had a larger quantity of chicken.

IMG_2813Our menu consisted of tacos, which students learned to begin first in the time table, corn, purchased cookies and milk if desired. I like to implement the same questions we have on our state questions in lab.

I made this lab frugal by purchasing the chicken tenders on sale and each student got one to cook with black beans to stretch the meat. I bought the corn in bulk and divided it and generic cookies are the dessert as you can see.

IMG_2803Some students gave away their cookies and did not want their beans. It’s a taste preference.


Lots of great team work in this kitchen.


Way to to Mackenzie’s kitchen group! This kitchen was super efficient finishing first to sit down and eat.

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