Can You Waffle It?


Foods 1 students are learning about using appliances in unorthodox ways. We had a lesson on different appliances and tools, played a few games and wrote some new recipes using all the recipe parts learned this week.


Finally, the pizza waffle became the class recipe that students created by themselves using tips and tricks learned from youtube. We also did a comparison between store-bought biscuit dough and homemade pizza dough. The class voted on an online poll and the winner was… drum roll please. The homemade pizza crust won by a landslide. You can see our online poll here.

IMG_2836Students discovered the biscuit dough was small and not as sticky as the homemade pizza crust, but it didn’t yield the same results.

IMG_2827The waffles were not as fluffy and delicious looking as the homemade dough.

IMG_2838See what I mean. The homemade did an exceptional job of expanding in the waffle maker and looks like the perfect size for hand holding.


Isiah has his dough rolling down pat.


He’s proud of his food and I don’t blame him.

IMG_2828The biscuit waffle is ready, but smaller and the homemade dough is bigger and most students agreed it was better.


I love watching students help one another. This shot is a beauty.

IMG_2835You can see the differences in the biscuit vs. homemade dough here.


A little pepperoni, please.


This is always a favorite lab called Can You Waffle It. It introduces students to the endless possibilities of waffling around, lol.

Here’s some inspiration for you from youtube and this easy recipe we used for store-bought biscuits.


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