FCCLA Fundraiser Pizza Lunch

It all began with a vision to take orders for 40 lunches and this group met their goal. We wanted this fundraiser to be worth our time and effort by offering a XL slice of pizza, salad with dressing choice and a cookie.


I had all the foods classes participating by helping as they were learning slicing and mixing skills during the 2.03 objective.


The day before I led a demonstration how to cream butter and sugar for snickerdoodle cookies. We practiced equivalents by tripling the recipe. I shared how cinnamon and sugar was seasoning that improved the flavor of the food. There were several mixing terms like beating and creaming that were incorporated into this lesson and perfect timing for our fundraiser. Students got involved by rolling a batch or two in the cinnamon mixture for baking.


The dough was so sticky to the touch. We found the best way to handle it was dropping it straight into the sugar mixture and rolling.

A clean, flat glass was effective for pressing them down.

Voila, lots of cookies for the class and the fundraiser.


Day 2 involved the salads and the pizza. I prepped the pizza dough for the students the day before by using a super easy no knead refrigerator dough.

Students practiced slicing and dicing skills before tossing their salads with tongs. Each student made a class salad for a roasted chicken recipe we discussed at the beginning.

I had a roasted chicken ready for to eat for their tossed salad. We shredded one after it registered 180 internally and the students loved it. Learning about the dry method of roasting never tasted so good. I had a good visual of why some dishes needed to be soaked.

While students were finishing their class salad we started the fundraiser salads, 40 of them to be exact. I prepped and rolled the dough while some students sliced veggies for the vegetarian pizza and others prepped the pepperoni pizzas.

It was a huge class effort and they pulled it off great!

10 pizzas total, 5 pepperoni and 5 vegetarian.

I’m so proud to be a foods teacher and my classes blow me away serving 40 teachers today!

Many hands make light work. Way  to go Foods 1 and Foods 2 for a team effort raising money for FCCLA.

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