Braised BBQ Ribs, Oh My

IMG_3019Since we are learning the braising technique and we have ribs from our school CSA, it’s a no brainer to make some ribs.

We started with a simple recipe that involves a cajun spice rub.

The ribs are braised in the oven with a cup or so of water in the bottom of a roasting pan along with onions.

IMG_3017We finish them off by basting BBQ sauce on top and broil the sauce to caramelize it. Students get to see how broiling under direct heat smells awesome.

IMG_3018Yes they get a sample of this divine slab of meat.

IMG_3020We include a mini-lab with steamed broccoli. Students learn how to steam broccoli by making their own side dish to go with the ribs.

IMG_3021Ribs and broccoli, oh my.

Great way to share braising and steaming in one day, plus a few other cooking terms like tenderizing, venting, seasoning and so on.

I love teaching the terms through labs. I think the students will agree 🙂


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