Candy Apples

IMG_3026How are foods 2 students learning about purchasing, receiving and storing foods? We make candy apples. It’s a frugal recipe that involves thermometers, our favorite servsafe tool.

IMG_3022After waiting for the candy solution to reach 290 with the candy thermometer, students are eager to dip the prepped apples.

IMG_3023I instruct them to be extra careful since the solution is above the boiling temperature of 212, learned from foods 1.

IMG_3025You can imagine how quickly it sets up since it is so hot.

IMG_3024We talk about how the apples should be received when they are delivered to our “candy apple store” if we had one. Qualities like, crisp, hard, heavy, bright, colorful and other descriptive words are called out.

We also learn about proper TCS labeling and students have to create their own labels in class for our leftovers.


They’ve learned the TCS foods must be used within 7 days starting with the prep day.

IMG_3028After calculating our use by date in class, the labels come in handy for our leftover apple to be eaten the next day. I know it won’t last 7 days in our refrigerator!

Students enjoy making this recipe from Southern plate.


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