Pimp Your Pie


There’s something about the taste of homemade pie and every student needs to experience once in their high school career. This 2-day lab project is one of the best recipes I’ve discovered via a youtube.

I present it in 2 parts and we make the filling a little more frugal using 1 cup of cooked chicken with homemade broth and frozen vegetables instead of fresh.


Here’s Kaejon ready to pimp his pie.


Sammie and Kiera know how to make a fantastic filling.

Students do a great job making the filling on day one.IMG_3034

Once the pie filling is covered and labeled. Students form a plan with a Pimp My Pie Poster.

It makes it easier for students to visualize how they want their pie to look the next day. Internet images of decorative edges, pie cut outs and fluting are researched. Posters are hung in the kitchens with care in hopes that the pie fairy will soon be there. Ha, ha.

I offer a prize to the winning pie team.

Day 2 is the pie crust

IMG_3045Pie crust formed and rolled out carefully.


Noelle ever so gently removing extra crust around the edge.


Julie, Haebeen and Cullen collaborate how it will look. I love the way their hands on intertwined, don’t you?

IMG_3064Erin is busily rolling out her pie crust while Deanville observes checks out his neighbor’s pie. You can see how the Pimp Your Pie plans come in handy in the kitchen.

IMG_3043Destiny is following her Pimp Your Pie plan with ease.

IMG_3097There’s always time for smiles during lab. Friendships are formed.


Malachi and Elizabeth are rockin’ and rollin’ their dough. And this is NOT the same student in a different shirt.

IMG_3144I’m blessed to have amazing twins in Foods 1 and I divide their leadership among two lab groups!

Perfect pies in the works.


A little timer goes along way. 25 minutes later, a mouth watering pie awaits.

Sanitation during the wait.

And now drum roll please or buzzer.

We have themes tic, tac, totally pie and heartfelt goodness.

This one might make you wish you were at Disney.

Pie, need I say more. Spring is in the air. I love the venting in the flower, so creative.

Two last pies that are drool worthy.


We might save you a piece of our pie if you visit Cougar Kitchen some time. We’ll leave the oven light on 🙂

Here’s to our foods 1 pie makers.

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