Muffin Mania Labs


Foods 1 jumped into quick breads this week beginning with muffins. After watching youtube demos, students chose which non-essential ingredients for their add-ins.

We have a muffin mania lab offering four choices with plenty of samples.

There’s lots of technique understanding going on in labs.

Students have to recall how to properly measure liquid and solid ingredients.

Students have to remember to have a liquid and dry bowl for ingredients and to make a well in the center for pouring the liquid.


I like the way this group follows the directions well.

The students mashed bananas, folded blueberries and chocolate chips and sifted cinnamon with flour. It was a productive day in foods 1.

They discovered the muffins were proportionate by using an ice-cream scoop among muffin liners.

Banana and chocolate chip  coming out of the oven


4 muffins were divided into fourths for student samples, while one served as the muffin model for students to rate the outside of the muffin.

We call this muffin mania for a reason. Muffins galore everywhere we turn.

Students have the responsibility of evaluating the characteristics in a google doc and choosing their favorite and least favorite. They have to recall their leavening agent on the evaluation and share what they would do differently.


Makiya and Mackenzing love muffin mania. Do you?

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