Big Daddy Biscuits Lab


Foods 1 is having their annual biscuit making contest. We always have hungry judges on this special day. After students study muffins, we move onto biscuits by watching a youtube and following this recipe.


They practice proper measuring techniques with shortening.


Students learn how a pastry blender is used for cutting the shortening into the flour.


Though the recipe technique asks to cut out 3-inch by 1 inch tall, some students still hesitate to make big daddy ones.

They learn the importance of brushing off the excess flour for appearance.

Here you can tell which students knew how tall an inch was when cutting them out. It makes a huge difference in appearance.


Julie is proud of her first biscuits, I can see why.


IMG_3305Anxious judges this year. I decided to post our scoring card as a google form.


Everyone agreed the biscuits were wonderful, including our assistant principal.


Big Daddy Biscuit Lab accomplished.

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