Yeast Breads: 30 minute rolls


We’ve moved onto yeast breads learning about the leavening and other ingredients.


I like the 30 minute rolls that fit in our time frame, yet still using the stand mixer and dough hook.

IMG_3317To make it more efficient and cover more material in one class period, I demo the process while students take notes in Canvas. Here is what our foamy yeast mixture looks like before adding flour.


After the dough is ready for shaping (we modify our original recipe here by tripling it as a class), I divide and show them how to shape into smooth balls.


I love watching the students concentrate and enjoy their tasks.


After a 10 minute rise, they are ready to go in the oven and students clean as they go.IMG_3329Baking is a first time adventure for most students.

Students find how handy the plastic bowl scraper is for cleaning dough off counters.

IMG_3355Rolls rise for 10 minutes and bake for about 10-12 minutes.


I like how easy this recipe comes together in one class.


Strangely, one class felt their yeast rolls tasted and smelled too yeasty, while another class period loved the rolls.

IMG_3316Students discovered yeast breads do take a longer time to prep than quick breads. They understood a demo process using the stand mixer and dough hook.

IMG_3368A tasty result in the end…

Do you bake yeast rolls from scratch? We do.



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