Broiling Bacon and Pancake Dippers


Foods 1 students are learning how to broil bacon under direct heat. We watched a sugardale youtube showing how to make an accordian fold with foil to drain the bacon while it cooks. We also watched Gooseberry patch youtube using a cooling rack to drain the fat while broiling.

We started with our CSA local bacon.

We discovered heavy duty foil is a must to hold the accordian fold or we would try doubling the regular foil next.

Bacon is tantalizing the entire CTE building…


Either cooking method allows only one piece of this expensive goodness. Students were instructed to split their cooked bacon in half to proceed to the pancake dipper recipe here.

This was our last quick bread to cover and we combined it with our last cooked protein in this unit.

Ryan and Elionwy are always looking for a fun pancake hack.



Since we’re always checking out kitchen hacks by working smarter, not harder in our class. We decided to try different ways to pour our pancake batter.


The traditional 1/4 measuring scoop works too.

Tyleek and Erin agrees.


Julie and Haebeen like the measuring cup to pour their batter.


Erin is not afraid of taking whisks.


To flip or not to flip; that’s when this youtube prior to lab is helpful. I’m tweaking this recipe with 1 tablespoon baking powder for fluffier pancakes next time around; note to self.


Looking a little like Turtles, my friends.


How to combine broiling bacon with a pancake lab, plus a little kitchen hack experiments.


All is good in the Cougar Kitchen on this Friday.


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