Homemade Pasta Lab

IMG_3526What do you get when you mix flour, eggs and a dash of water if the dough is too dry? My foods students are learning to make homemade pasta for the first time today. It’s always the messiest and most fun lab of the semester.


I love to watch the magic happen from scratch.

IMG_3504I know it’s a lab they will never forget because of the many steps involved, pushing, turning, kneading, rolling and re-rolling.

IMG_3509I’ve always had great success using Pioneer’s woman’s recipe here and hand rolling is sometimes a challenge to get paper thin for some groups. This semester I invested in a pasta machine of my own and borrowed two from culinary.


Stephon is using the bench cutter like a pro.


Hand-rolled and hand cut examples here.

IMG_3510Group effort with Cullen and Julie on the machine.


oodles of noodles


Proud Mackenzie and I can see why!


I love watching this collaborative effort creating a new product.


Noodles boiling in salted water.


Noodles crying out for sauce.


And John, our star student for the day, has it ready. Thank you for saving the day, constantly whisking our sauce on low heat so it doesn’t curdle and scorch. Way to go, JOHN, moving out of your comfort zone.


Noodles this beautiful really need delicious homemade sauce.

IMG_3526I’m very fond of this low-fat dairy sauce that reinforces our roux making skills from yesterday’s nacho cheese sauce demonstration. Guess what?

No complaints and no leftovers from Foods 1 today.

Mission accomplished: Students learned how to make homemade pasta from flour, eggs and water in a hands-on way. Bonus points for exposure to new kitchen tools, like the pasta maker and being able to compare and contrast two methods of rolling out the dough.

Our kitchen counters and floors prove how much fun the students had in lab.


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