Microwave Bread


I wanted to find a way to emphasize bread in the microwave lacks a crispy, brown crust, but still be edible.

After searching the Internet, I found one on allrecipes website.

We were surprised how well it rose in the microwave after 1 minute on 50% power. It rested for 10 minutes after the 1 minute cook time. We went through this process twice before it doubled in size.

IMG_3803Here is the dough doubled in size ready for microwave cooking.

Here is the microwave bread recipe we tried in Foods 2.We decided to make it with melted, cooled butter and a cinnamon sugar mixture to make it cinnamon swirl.

IMG_3804Here’s what it looked like after microwaving for only 5 minutes and resting 5 minutes. It was a nice soft texture that was not doughy, which surprised us all.

Like I said earlier, it tasted like fresh bread without the crusty brown exterior.


We are trying the bread maker recipes next. We’ve got our eye on a Hawaiian bread machine recipe to compare with the microwave bread.



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