Picnic Menu

IMG_3871Lots of smiles in foods 1 this week because we’re having our favorite picnic buffet. I like to serve the exact menu from the state test. Okay, I make it little more enjoyable with some yummy recipes like baked chicken tenders, homemade chocolate chip cookies, oven fries, vegetables and ranch along with sweet tea.

The students create invitations the day before the buffet and they are informed no flatware involved. I think they can handle that, don’t you?


So I meant no flatware while eating, not while cooking. IMG_3867The oven fries are going well in this group.

IMG_3865Mackenzie’s group works on a flowering vegetable platter.

IMG_3866Julie and Haebeen are serious about these chicken tenders.


Who could forget the dessert, not Elizabeth.


You don’t have to tell first period to come to the buffet twice.

Oven fries, chicken tenders, veggie tray, oh my.


IMG_3870It’s definitely a picnic menu worth waiting all week for.


All the foods 1 students agreed and this is one finger food menu they better not forget on the state exam.

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