Nutrient Pizza


We’re in our nutrient unit talking about carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. We combine them all in a pizza incorporating white whole wheat flour for a more complex carbohydrate.

Students choose their nutrient toppings and track the entire recipe in Super Tracker. The students present their pizza creation on a poster summarizing the main nutrients their pizza will possess on lab day.

IMG_3909Lots of yummy, healthy vitamins and minerals here.


Keira’s group making a nice creation.


Noelle, the rock star cranking out pizzaria style pie.


We use a no-rise crust which mixes and kneads easily and tastes divine.


I’m proud of the broccoli choice here.


Thick crust brushed with unsaturated olive oil, why yes!


Nutrient Pizza, a favorite lab and you can see why.

We also discussed a new flour company called Bitty Foods. They produce protein packed flour made with ground crickets. We milled our own white wheat berries into white whole wheat flour and the students got to see how the berries looked before and after milling to see why it is whole grain and complex. I thought this company was fascinating to share with students and see if they would prefer a little ground cricket flour instead 🙂


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