Shortened Cakes: Microwave Cake


We’re starting our series of shortened cakes in Foods 2 and there’s a microwave cake I just had to try with the students. Since the state test points out that microwave cakes should be cooked in a round pan I knew this recipe would be appropriate.


Ours took about 7 minutes when the cake tester and toothpick both came out clean. I noticed the students should have sifted the flour through a sieve prior to baking, but I told them it would still taste the same, but it was yet another learning experience.

I couldn’t believe how moist and tender it turned out without any eggs and we used olive oil since I was out of canola. Even the chocolate sauce is just right and it’s a microwave recipe also.


It created a great opportunity for us to practice using parchment paper so we could plate the cake nicely and practice our plate painting skills again.


Since it was DeAngelo’s birthday, he got to cut the first piece.


You can see how thick the chocolate sauce turned out.


The students really enjoyed this microwave cake and we were all surprised how easy it turned out to be.

More shortened cakes to come. You might have to roll us out of here.




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