Low-Fat Mozzarella Sticks


Foods 1 just studied nutritional needs in the stages of life. They chose a skinny version of cheese sticks, baked instead of fried.


We like this recipe keeping it frugal with our homemade marinara and how easy it comes together.

Dubbs really likes it. Cheesy goodness for breastfeeding/lactating moms needing higher dairy intake. Also good for the elderly for Osteoperosis prevention. Finally, healthy for teenagers and adults because of the cooking method. Students agreed it was a tasty, easy peasy snack in less than 10 minutes. Who needs fast food when you can make this at home? We use this recipe in class. Students prepare a snack size portion of 2 whole sticks or 4 halves per person. This keeps our portions in check and our recipe costs lower.

IMG_1850 (1)

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