Cookies around the World, Second Period

IMG_3972There are five different countries represented with our lab. Students chose fortune cookies, Indian spiced treat, latkes (I know technically not a cookie, but they loved them), churros and crepes.

IMG_3971Malachai is doing a good job mixing it well. He must make marshmallow treats often, but not with Cardamom, I bet.


Who would have known they’d like the Cardamom that I got on the house at Whole Foods.

I didn’t want to break the budget spending $7 or $8 on a spice, so I ran by the bulk section for a teaspoon. Apparently too little to weigh and it was free. Yay, Mrs. Brown.


Getting it to the right stage to form a ball and it must go on Instagram.

IMG_3977Churros always a favorite.


Whipped cream anyone, says Erin.

IMG_3973Who can resist crepes?


Fortune cookies in the making.

IMG_3976Voila, complete with fortunes inside. Not bad for a first timer.


Second period agreed, sharing is good. Cookies around the world are good.

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