CSA Vegetables (Adventurous Teens)

IMG_4000We’ve been talking about adventurous foods and food influences. Our first spring CSA box from Flying Cloud influenced us to make these foods. Some students have never tried collards or kale chips and they were surprised how much they liked it. Kickin’ collard greens was a favorite as well as the Caesar Salad with homemade croutons in first period.


We served pintos with our collards to make them truly Southern.


The kickin’ collards were the hit! Bacon always makes everything better.



You can see why this salad went fast.

Second period enjoyed a buffet with Asian style mustard greens with brown rice. Caesar salad with homemade croutons, roasted radishes and the pintos were transformed into re-fried beans. They loved these greens and you can see why.




Roasted radishes, who knew.


Caesar salad with freshly picked greens

Fresh from the field.


Our foods is Appalachian grown, freshly picked and served.


This was great exposure to local foods, being adventurous while trying new things and continuing to study vitamins and minerals in leafy greens, specifically iron.

So the saying is true, let them cook them and they will eat them. Makiya on the left has never had green veggies and she is eating her second plate with Mackenzie on the right.


These girls cleaned the bowls empty!


It’s not the normal teenager lab, but thumbs up on the Asian mustard greens and radishes. Yay, students are trying new vegetables thanks to Flying Cloud. And thank you ASAP for blessing us with a grant to purchase the local vegetables. Together, we are are exposing students to new ways to eat vegetables and enjoy them.

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