Food Guide Plate Breakfast


Students eat a nutritious breakfast today incorporating all the food groups. We identified all the group colors in our meal and the whole wheat biscuits and breakfast casserole with our CSA mustard greens were a hit.


Yummy greens do not go to waste and students try mustard greens for the first time.


We limit our protein to smaller portions by only using two links of our local meat CSA from Hickory Nut Gap Farm. Apple Sage Sausage is the flavor chosen by students. Meat costs are kept down by limiting the amount in the casserole.


Students used pre-cut potato hashbrowns to speed up the cooking process.


Wholesome vegetables stirred into the whisked egg and milk.


Plenty of sausage to give the right visual and punch of flavor needed.

We add in our whole wheat biscuits made with half white whole wheat and half all-purpose flour.

IMG_4018Now here’s a delicious, healthy whole grain on the plate.IMG_4033

Bananas, low-fat milk, whole wheat biscuits and breakfast casserole give our plate balanced nutrition.


It’s a winner.


Giscelle says she’s never had breakfast casserole or whole wheat biscuits. This meal was new to her and probably several other students. There were no leftovers of breakfast casserole. Vegetables inhaled within the casserole. Good job, Foods 1.


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