First Week Team Building Leadership and Teambuilding

Foods 1 and 2 are busy with activities to enhance team building and leadership. We started day one with the Spaghetti Tower challenge. Mrs. Brown took note of emerging leaders. Day two was the paper and straw challenge with lots of blowing through straws.

Day three was FCCLA Day. A class icebreaker dedicated to drawing in the dark to find out more about FCCLA. Students covered their eyes with chef hats.


Unfasten the velcro and voila, instant eye covers for this activity.

Whether students were building towers, blowing straws or taping spaghetti together, there was lots of interaction and team work going on.

Fun, food products and FCCLA was the first three days of school for Asheville High Foods students. We’re ready to jump into the curriculum now that we know names, faces and how well we work together.

TEAMWORK!!! Go Cougar Kitchen TEAM!!!

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