Bacteria at AHS?

Two weeks ago I sent students on a mission to find our dirtiest, darkest secrets at Asheville High. Did they find them?

First they made their very own petri dishes with agar powder. Each student labeled the bottom of the dish with numbers. The numbers on the bottom corresponds with areas they want to swab for bacteria.


The next day, after the petri dish was ready, it was time for our field trip. Lucky for us, we have a big campus to explore.

Students explored well-populated areas like the library and cafeteria.

I’d say this is an engaging real-life lesson exploring bacteria…

Q-tips were used to swab areas hypothesized as dirty and the clean petri dishes were rubbed.


Within two weeks we had results. What are the dirtiest and cleanest areas of AHS?

Students spent half the class analyzing results and charting them.

The other half of class was used to make good, edible bacteria.


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