Potato Soup Lab


Potato soup lab is always a favorite of mine because it uses simple staple ingredients to create a yummy soup. Students are surprised on demo day when they taste all the vegetables combined.


Students got busy slicing and dicing potatoes.


Corey volunteered to dice the onion for his group. He’s one tough football player.


Or is he? 🙂


Here’s another tough guy, Logan on the box grater.


I didn’t intentionally mean to target the football players, but I realized I took all photos of them.


It’s good the football team is so versatile.

img_4541Students practiced using the bench scraper to add the vegetables to boil.

img_4542They practiced thinly slicing, grating, dicing, boiling, simmering, venting and more.


That’s why I’m so fond of this recipe because it combines so many cooking terms to produce a satisfying soup. Enjoy. Many students said they were going to make this at home for extra credit. Look out parents!

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