Muffin Mania


Foods 1 had a muffin mania with four different types of muffins: banana crumb, cinnamon streusel, chocolate chip and blueberry.

Each group made a different variety and they showcased their best four for evaluation. Other students chose a different muffin other than their own to evaluate high quality characteristics.

The banana crumb muffin was hard to beat.img_4837

Chocolate chip came in second.img_4836

img_4845Students practiced whisking the liquid in a separate bowl and sifting the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

img_4847Great teamwork here.

img_4846Learning to proportion muffins with an icecream scoop is always good.

img_4844The streusel topping goes on nicely with two spoons. Good job Makenna!

img_4828Tyler knows how to prep the muffin pan with liners. Way to go Ty.

img_4831Christian is whisking his cinnamon streusel topping while Tyler proportions the apple cinnamon batter.

img_4830I’m super proud of Deonte’s help with Helen and Obie’s group. He knows how to add the topping on those muffins.

img_4827Since it’s a pep rally football game day, our athletes look their best, even in the aprons. Keith is rocking the bow tie with the apron. Nice!

img_4829Sanitation is key and Marquez has this bowl gleaming. Way to go!

img_4834Whether it’s apple cinnamon or


blueberry or

img_4832banana crumb, Foods 1 has it covered. Muffin Mania lab is a hit.




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