Big Daddy Biscuits


It’s a two day event learning about biscuits in Foods 1. We’re baking our second quick bread and students are making their very first biscuits.

img_4856I love watching them combine the dry ingredients and practice using the pastry blender for the very first time.

img_4866They have to get their hands messy to knead the dough

img_4869It’s a group effort or sometimes

img_4868it’s a solo practice.

img_4867I encourage all the students to try kneading and rolling and cutting to see what it feels like to make something from scratch.

img_4859I’m so happy to see Nic giving this skill a whirl. Way to to go! And he looks professional.

img_4870Students gather around to learn the cutting technique of twisting and turning the cutter.

img_4872No big daddy biscuit lab is complete without our competition.

I invite our guest teachers to evaluate the biscuits’ qualities.

img_4861It’s always difficult when you have great first time biscuit makers.img_4865See what I mean? They make it look too easy for first-timers.

img_4863Big Daddy Biscuit winners in both classes with a 98 average. Woo hoo for biscuit lab.

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