Perfect Pancakes

img_4894In order to make this perfect, lightest, fluffiest pancake ever, Foods 1 had to learn to make their own self-rising flour with this recipe.

We started with all-purpose flour and added baking powder and salt.

Everyone quickly learned purchasing self-rising flour from the store is much easier, however, when you’re in a pinch, making it homemade is a good thing.

img_4896After the self-rising flour was made, students whisked sugar and baking soda with the flour.

img_4847Our liquids consisted of beaten egg, homemade buttermilk and oil.

Since we learned about egg substitutions, this recipe was perfect for learning the buttermilk substitution: milk plus vinegar.

It was another chemical reaction that made their nose twitch.


Here’s their Emeril moment: making the water dance to see if the griddle was hot enough. Although, one student got carried away with the water amount.

img_4892We sprayed or buttered our griddle and poured the perfect pancake batter after it rested.

Students learned several ways to pour the batter including a kitchen hack: from an empty ketchup bottle.


They waited for the perfect moment to flip: bubbly on top with dry edges.

img_4893And then the moment of truth: the perfect light and fluffy pancake.

img_4890Bam! Our last quick bread covered, perfect pancakes. We’ve made muffins, biscuits and pancakes in a few days. Now they are ready to move on to yeast breads to compare and contrast prep time, ingredients and mixing methods.


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