Braided bread for the Needy and Cinnamon Rolls

It’s yeast bread week in Foods 1 and we’re baking up a storm. Monday and Tuesday students studied the King Arthur Learn Bake Share video and the 30 minute rolls tutorial.

Wednesday students prepared the 30 minute rolls and at them in one class setting.

On Thursday we started the King Arthur dough which took 3 -1/2 hours. SO it is a 2 day procedure where students prep the dough and practice the kneading technique.


I love how simple the recipe book is for the students to follow. This is compliments of King Arthur, our grant sponsor for this project.

Students practice  using the bowl scraper and they get to take one home for a keepsake.

Ava and Gracelyn are working together to measure correctly and incorporate the flour.


Isais works his muscles on his dough while wearing his apron skirt. Real men wear skirts.

img_4922Kneading requires a lot of upper body strength with folding, pushing and turning the dough. Students take turns kneading for 5 minutes. Armani is taking over and doing a fine job.

Christopher and Cody are happily working together.

img_4914We know the more we knead, the higher the rise for the final product. Students are practicing this technique over and over and understanding that yeast breads take much longer than quick breads.


Corey takes his time with the kneading technique.Good job!

img_4957Day two rolls around and it’s time to divide the dough into three parts. Students practice using the scale to divide it equally. Half the dough must be divided into three equal parts. Students divided 3 into 21 oz. They measured about 6.6 oz. for each rope for the braid.

img_4913Andrew and Colby practiced rolling the ropes into equal 12 inch lengths.

img_4956Kaliq is doing a fine job weighing his three equal parts for the braid.

img_4921Groups also rolled 1/4 dough into a rectangle for the cinnamon rolls.

I like how Tadji and Colby entertain themselves while they work.


img_4958Makena is doing an excellent job with the braided bread.

Look out for Obi and Deonte’s braided bread. Their group is looking good, too.

img_4959The final step is brushing the egg wash on the braid for a golden brown color.

Two products rising: cinnamon rolls and braided bread for the homeless.

We’ll call this a very productive day in Foods 1.

Before and after photos of cinnamon rolls.

Yummy rolls for students. Yummy bread for the homeless shelter.

img_4953Gorgeous first time braids thanks to our sponsor, King Arthur.

We can’t wait to deliver our fresh bread to our local shelter. Way to go Foods 1

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