Cafeteria Tour

img_3438Foods 2 students toured our very own high school cafeteria today. Students were required to wear hair nets and we had our checklist of items to look for.

img_3436The girls are rockin’ the hair nets along with their Servsafe checklist.

img_3439Ms. Burton was so kind to take the students into the cooler and the freezer. We all learned so much about inspections since the cafeteria just had one yesterday.

A lot of food had to be thrown away in the cooler because of the increased temperature. Students saw quite an empty cooler.

img_3434This tour was a hands-on way to see all the commercial equipment we’ve been discussing the past nine weeks.

img_3437The temperature log gave them an insight into all the work it takes to prepare a lunch meal at our school.


And the HACCP plan and MSDS notebook was clearly visible. We thank Ms. Burton for her dedication and hard work as a cafeteria manager. Based on our discussion and follow-up the students had an eye-opening experience touring our AHS cafeteria. This is a campus field trip I will schedule every semester for Foods 2.



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