Knife Skills and Garnishing Week

Foods 2 was busy practicing with knives this week.

Every student used a chef knife and paring knife.

img_5091We practiced and practiced and labeled.

img_5092Next up was garnishing stations.

Students practiced items that were on their test, like garnishing salads with croutons, garnishing sandwiches with pickles on the side.


Everyone’s favorite is plate painting.

img_5104We practice a group melon basket and the tournee potato.


I break out the spiralizer and we make some shoestring potatoes in the fryer.

img_5105Mrs. Brown’s personal favorite garnishing station is the apple swan. I love the challenge for the students.

img_5109It makes them so proud to see a final product.


Omar is definitely liking his.

Even if they don’t make it picture perfect, it’s worth the challenge.



Garnishing day is a big hit with a variety of tools and foods to choose from.

img_5101It is one lab where they stay busy the ENTIRE class period.

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