Unshortened and Shortened Cakes


It’s a week of baking cakes. Foods 2 starts off with unshortened, angel food cakes.

img_5124Whipping egg whites is a science.


Students learn the techniques, being careful not to deflate the whites by not tapping on the pan. They are amazed how it looks like a fluffy cloud.

We hang it upside down on the bottle to cool.

And of course it’s cut with a serrated bread knife to keep it from mashing.

img_5122It’s delicious plain or with whipped topping or fruit sauce.

img_5133Shortened cakes are a whole new ball game compared to angel food.

They are rich and dense.

img_5134Students practice pound cakes and lining pans with parchment paper.

img_5133Here’s a delicious looking yellow cake.

img_5132The lemon chiffon cake rose to amazing heights over top of the pan. And then I deflated a little when I removed it from the oven. It really is a such a fantastic recipe here.


Today we practiced making a fudge type icing (not pictured), but devoured for the dense pound cakes. It’s been extremely busy with cake baking and students are learning how difficult homemade cakes are. I don’t think too many are interested in the pastry chef business. Next Tuesday is cupcake wars so we’ll see who wants to become a pastry chef after that 🙂

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