Hazardous Kitchen

It’s second semester in and day 2 in Foods 1 and 2 here we go. I’ve set up a down right disgusting kitchen to grab student’s attention.

Since we’re jumping into safety and sanitation, this is the perfect way to have them find as many hazards as possible in 2 minutes.


Lots of dirty dishes easily identified from last semester.

img_5216An almost overflowing sink with more dirty dishes and dirty towels.

img_5217Really? A hairbrush in the dish drainer?

img_5220Potential danger in the microwave. Foil in the hole, do they know it’s dangerous?


Dingy coffee pot with debris.

img_5209A sharp knife among the utensil drawer. And who left out the cracker crumbs. What about the cord crossing over the dishwasher?

img_5208An appliance overload with a dirty hair net and yes, it’s a roach crawling near the crackers.

img_5214A moldy avocado, oh my.

img_5215Moldy water, nasty.


Chemicals, near food and pot handles sticking out.

img_5212The oven opened with a dishcloth is a definite no, no.

img_5207Overflowing trash, open drawers and cabinets, dirty floors and so much to investigate in this hazardous kitchen and so little time.

img_5221Students must hurry to capture all the hazards.

img_5238And they must watch out for spills on the floor while they are typing.


I think the investigation was a hit among Foods 1 and Foods 2. Foods 2 had a different spin where they had to identify hazards that could cause a foodborne  illness since we jumped into Chapter 1 in Servesafe.

What will tomorrow’s kitchen look like. Hopefully, sparkly clean.

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