Foods 1 First Lab-Time table and Cross Contamination


It’s our first lab in foods 1 and we plan a chicken taco meal. They plan each detail with a time table so the ice is not melted and the corn is hot.


Students practice cleaning as you cook.


They are practicing their sanitation skills with Lysol.

Students learn about safety and sanitation for a a week and a half. We discuss how to prevent cross contamination. Students practice with youtube videos here .


Ray J is learning a new skill: shredding chicken with two forks.img_5289Some students choose family style service.

img_5287Others like to eat with ear buds…


Keeping raw chicken and lettuce on two different cutting boards is the way to prevent cross contamination.

img_5290It’s a complete meal done with a work plan and time table so the students remember to begin the tacos first, warm the corn next, assemble tacos, plate cookies and pour the milk last.

Good job Foods 1!


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