Potato Soup (Cooking Terms)


How can staple ingredients turn into such yummy soup on a cold day?

Foods 1  practiced 16 cooking terms with this recipe. I love to demonstrate it the day before to acquaint them with all the terms in action. Then we play Bingo for prizes. The next day we roll out the equipment of all sorts and start cookin’

img_5346Potatoes are weighed (not shown), then peeling takes place in the compost bowl.

img_5339There’s slicing of celery and dicing of onions.


This is the reason why I love this soup, there are so many tasks involved.

img_5347Dissolving flour into chicken broth by whisking.

img_5352Students learn to check when the potatoes are fork tender.

img_5351Straining the vegetables.

We study equivalents for the amount of 6 oz  evaporated milk and 1 pint of chicken broth.

The last steps are mashing the potatoes with a potato masher and simmering the liquids with the vegetables.

Finally, folding in the cheese, makes the soup perfect and appetizing.

It’s a winner on a cold day in the 30’s.



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