Snickerdoodles (creaming and beating)


I start off showing this youtube and we talk about the different results we’ve had with cookies not being creamed well.

We doubled this recipe in a google doc and review abbreviations and the cooking terms: pre-heat, grease, cream, beat, sift, scoop, season, flatten, roll and bake. Students watch me prepare the dough incorporating our cooking terms.

Students learn a new kitchen hack how to grease with a baggie.


Then I show them how to season their cookie dough balls with cinnamon and sugar.


They move the dough balls to the greased cookie sheet or baking pan and flatten with a lightly floured glass.


It’s all about the waiting game, 10 minutes to bake.

img_5354They agree it’s worth the wait.


Yummy Snickerdoodles to teach cream and beat.


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