Homemade Chicken Pot Pies

Pie, oh my. 12 to be exact. Three Foods 1 making homemade pies from scratch in two days is a lot of fun. It requires a Pimp my Pie plan, patience and a lot of team work.

img_5402Students prepare the filling on day 1.

img_5404Day two is crust day.

img_5399After 25 minutes of baking and drooling, the finished product comes out.


Luke is working his pie well.

img_5396Students are amazed at their very first pie and so is Mrs. Brown.

img_5401I love how everyone works together.

img_5405I love how proud each student is.

img_5387I love watching their faces when they see the finished product.

1st-period-piesIt’s amazing to see the variety.

3rd-period-piesIt’s amazing to see the talent.

4th-period-piesAnd students are amazed at what they can accomplish. I wouldn’t leave this lab out of Foods 1 for anything. It’s become a favorite lab of theirs and mine.

We call Pimp My Pie Project and teachers vote on their favorite through an online google form.

We use this easy recipe from Jenny Can Cook. Happy pie making.

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