Muffin Mania


Foods 1 students always like a little muffin mania. Since we’re in the quick bread unit making muffins, why not make 4 varieties and trade around? These are To Die for Blueberry muffins and they look delish.


img_5434We had Donut muffins, yum-yum

img_5438Chocolate chip is always a hit.

img_5424And who doesn’t love banana crumb?

img_5423Elijah is proud of his muffins and I can see why.

img_5433First period learned a little bit about the crumb topping. You can’t over mix the butter; it needs to be cut in with a pastry blender or fork. This results in a heavy topping and the crumb sinks to the middle.

img_5432The donut muffins had nice sugary topping like a cinnamon donut. Students liked this.

img_5436Piping hot out of the oven is the way to go.

img_5435It’s clear to see why Muffin Mania lab is a favorite.

img_5430Luke loved it.

img_5421Delicious mania going on in our foods lab.

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