Big Daddy Biscuit Lab


It’s biscuit lab day and we use this Big Daddy recipe here. I really like this recipe because it teaches students to measure shortening, though I don’t use it at my own house.

img_5452It’s great to see students measuring and kneading. I tell them biscuit making is a well-mastered skill and that’s why fast food restaurants hire little old ladies to make theirs in the early morning.


img_5451One of my students who works at McDonalds replied, “How did you know we had an old lady working at our store?”

LOL, Mrs. Brown knows.

img_5455It’s a joy to see students making biscuits for the first time.

img_5454They’re always intimidated by the wet dough, but we like to get our hands in it.

img_5456I tell them they can always brush off the excess flour.

img_5453Big daddy biscuits require no greasing of the pan.

img_5444And they turn out quite big daddy;0

img_5448They are perfect with butter brushed on top.

Biscuits galore, enough to feed an army of hungry students.


I’m always impressed with student’s first biscuits.

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