Nutrient Pizza

IMG_5660When you’re teaching nutrients, you must have students create nutrient pizza. Since we have a new partnership with our Manna Food Bank, we are receiving fresh produce for our disadvantaged students.

IMG_5644It’s my fun job to decide how to incorporate this 25# box in the students’ diet.

It’s a great week for dicing tomatoes, mincing garlic and chiffonade basil.


Cooking groups were proud of their accomplishment with real food.


This gorgeous creation turns into glorious pizza sauce.

After 90 minutes of simmering on the stove top, we blend away.


Rayjay was begging to use the immersion blender and it’s his favorite power tool.


We had fragrant, REAL food baby, pizza sauce for our whole wheat flatbread pizza.


Nutrients, oh my. Students were encouraged to top their personal pizza with nutrients since it is our Nutrient WEEK. The sauce recipe was adapted from this website, using fresh basil instead of oregano.


Some did, while other didn’t.


At least they were getting whole food nutrition through the crust and sauce and perhaps a few toppings.


Simmering sauce, preparing whole wheat crust and creating pizza from scratch wrapped up our Nutrient Week with a bang!


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