Microwave Yeast Bread


Foods 2 has jumped straight into yeast breads. We made some delicious breadmaker cinnamon rolls and now we are using the microwave. Yikes, students didn’t know you can bake bread in the microwave. Yes, it’s tried and true from allrecipes here,

but it doesn’t yield a pleasing brown crust. It’s soft and colorless. Students say it tastes good like bread, but we decided to add color to one loaf to compare.IMG_5663

This simple recipe proofs in the microwave for 10 minutes to double in size.


It only has to cook for 6 minutes in the microwave and rest 5!


Soft interior lacking color and bland looking.

IMG_5667We are broiling the other loaf to give it color.


I know it defeats the purpose of the microwave, but it sure adds aesthetic color.

Microwave bread baking done. Students understand it’s very easy, but lacks a brown, crispy crust.


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