Shaping Yeast Breads


Foods 2 is getting in shape with yeast breads. We focus on five different shapes and yesterday we shaped three and baked them today. We’ll have the other two to share tomorrow.

Here’s the familiar cloverleaf.


Parkerhouse rolls are quite new to students.


And last we have the braid, the most complex of them all. However, most girls pick up on braiding bread very easily if they’ve braided hair. Now the guys, that’s a different story. My saying during the braiding class goes, “Grab and outside, cross over, grab an outside, cross over.” They are grabbing the outer rope and crossing over the middle. When I walk them through the step as they are braiding it helps tremendously.

I ask them to over exaggerate the tightness of the braid to keep it neat.


Three shapes are practiced and complete and now we’re moving onto the crescent and my personal favorite, brioche.

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