Sweet Potato Muffins


We’re taking whole food snacks to a whole new level.  Most students never heard of sweet potato muffins and there were quite a few turned up noses when I explained why we were making these particular muffins. Number one reason: an abundant supply of sweet potatoes.


A 25# box thanks to our partnership with Manna Food Bank. Lovely whole potatoes, just waiting for someone to partake.

30 minutes later, cups and cups of mashed sweet potatoes for this healthy snack.


Since we’re studying nutritional needs and chronic conditions, such as teenage obesity, I wanted to share a way for students to eat fiber with ease. The state test stresses the importance of teenagers getting more fiber, with less, sugar, fat and starches.

This sweet potato recipe works great to prove how 1 cup of sweet potato is delicious in muffins. It doesn’t taste gross and it’s surprisingly a sweet breakfast, snack or treat for those who aren’t eating sugar constantly.

Some students complained of blandness, though it had cinnamon and nutmeg. I suggested adding 1/4 teaspoon more the next time. I’d like for us to make them another batch with the tweaked recipe to compare.

In the meantime, 200 sweet potato muffins among 3 foods 1 classes is quite enough. There were plenty to take home and share with family 🙂

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