2-ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes {Gluten, nut and dairy free}


Since we’re studying food influences, the the type of diet you’re on influences what you eat. This is a Healthy Mama, Cooking Light, Paleo, Gluten Free, Nut-free and dairy-free treat. It’s also whole foods.

We tried this recipe as a class experiment since we have an ample amount of sweet potatoes from Manna Food Bank partnership.

It didn’t go over quite as well as the sweet potato muffins, but about half of each class liked them.


They have to get used the whole foods thing.


The only ingredients in this recipe.


Since we’re talking whole foods and we these not so pretty oranges, they became delicious orange juice that everyone enjoyed.


Luke helped third period make a class batch.

It was definitely a whole foods breakfast day.

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