REAL Fries with Herbs and Spices


Students are practicing their peeling and slicing skills today while we’re delving into cooking with herbs and spices. Each student receives a potato when I introduce herbs and spices youtube.


The potatoes are peeled and sliced like a McDonald’s fry, but made with real potatoes and herbs and spices of their choice.


Girls are deciding which ones they will use.


There’s plenty of identification going on with this online game.


They differentiate the two with a venn diagram.


They they’re ready to name that herb or spice based on prior knowledge.


Some students liked it kickin’ with cajun and others tried the herbs.


Cilantro and garlic salt was a favorite.

Herbs and spice lab accomplished. Real oven fries accomplished. Students realized fries can taste great with herbs and spices from home.


Luke is giving this lab two thumbs up!

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