Exam Review (Minute to Win It Style)


Since I’ve been using Socrative this semester, they came in handy for exam review. I used the questions for students to answer individually for a ticket. If the Socrative question was answered correctly they moved onto to a challenge. Today’s challenge was “Face the Cookie.” Students had a minute to try to work the cookie into his/her mouth using facial muscles.

HILARIOUS to watch.


Not all students would accept the challenge and it’s okay.


I like giving students a chance to get out of their seat and be rewarded for trying something new. Students earned 3 tickets for getting the cookie to his/her mouth.

Students were able to trade in tickets during their brain break.

Ticket Tradeout included items…

3 tickets=mini ice pops I purchased from Ingles

5 tickets=3 generic cookies

5 tickets=microwave mug cake

10 tickets = ramen noodles  (very popular)

20 tickets=drop lowest daily grade

What do you do for exam review?

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