First Day Activities


Back to School day in my class is always the Icebreaker Day. I had Foods 2 build All About Me Towers and Foods 1 made Name Tents.

Both classes did team building with marshmallow towers.

IMG_4731 (1)

I love this activity because it makes the table group work as a team to build the tallest tower.


Here’s one of our award winning towers.


Here’s another very tall one in a different class period.

We also had a Twitter Gallery Walk.


This got them out of their seats and thinking about food topics, particularly sanitation!


This twitter post was an interesting topic.


Celebritites are always fun to incorporate into foods.


Why not throw in a little etiquette?


An athlete’s inspiring words helps students ponder…

It was a great first day, introducing one another and talking about foods.

We play a Name Your favorite food game to help learn the class names. I always go first, “I’m Mrs. Brown and my favorite food is cheesecake.” The next student says, I’m ____ and my favorite food is pizza. This is Mrs. Brown and her favorite food is cheesecake.

We all share our names and favorite food, repeating what the others have said. It becomes more difficult at the end, but I always have a handful of students who can say all the names and their favorite foods, lol.

Happy First Day of School!

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