Food Guide Plate Snack: Hawaiian English Muffin Pizza


I was searching for a reasonably priced lab that would require minimimal prep and cook time, but still incorporate all the food groups. This recipe fit nicely.


I decided to prep the ingredients buffet style and slice the ham myself since we haven’t gone over nice skills. I gave a quick overview of how to operate the ovens and not to place your face near the door. That’s always a mistake on the first lab.

The only thing students had to do was wash hands, assemble pizzas, bake, enjoy, and wash their own dishes. Now that’s a good deal.

IMG_4824I’d say the football players got into the pizza making. Engy, my foreign exchange student from Egypt enjoyed her assembly.

IMG-4823The players take their chef hats seriously.

IMG_4827Engy enjoyed her first taste of Hawaiian pizza with all the food groups. Way to go Foods 1.

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