Knife Skills with Play Dough

IMG_6098I’m doing a new thing with Foods 1 allowing them to play with their food. Actually, we’re stepping into knife skills with a play dough manipulative to help them understand the sizes and dimensions of the knife cuts we will be using with our potato soup lab.


First we made a basic homemade play dough with no salt here. Terrance, along with others, learned how to knead the dough by pushing with the heel of their hand, folding and then turning it a quarter turn. This helped the dough become smooth and elastic like play dough.


Finally I had knife skills place mat for students to showcase their samples. We talked about the importance of uniform sizes, except for mincing which  was irregular. I gave students a butter knife for this project, and they used their fingers to help form the diced cubes. I’m hoping this helped them develop visual skills for how the sizes should look when they cut vegetables next week.


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