Simple and Complex Carbohydrates


Foods 2 is delving deeper into Nutrients. We learned about the six along with their functions in Foods 1, but now we are into deeper discussions and experiments. This is a simple and complex experiment using iodine for testing.


It took a careful eye to detect whether it was brown or bluish black.


Meanwhile students had a simple carbohydrate cookin’ in their stock pots. Each group made a batch of homemade apple butter. YUMMY for Fall ‘Yall.

IMG_0106Of course, we had to have a complex carbohydrate to eat it with. I made a loaf of this homemade bread which they loved! I’m not sure which carbohydrate they loved more, the bread or the apple butter. They slathered it on their bread and went back for seconds. It was a carb loading lab day for sure.

I think it beat our digestion experiment the day before, with mushy bread representing the tail end of digestion.

Everyone agreed this bread was not appetizing like today.

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