Slicing, dicing, peeling, mashing, Oh my Potato Soup


There’s a whole lot of labor that goes on with this soup. Over 12 cooking terms are learned in a hands-on way during this lab. We start with mincing.


Then comes peeling and cubing of potatoes.

IMG_6119Jaihlen is thinly slicing his celery.


Once the carrot is peeled, it gets grated.


The students boil the water and vent a lid. Then they simmer the vegetables until fork tender.

The hot water is strained and the vegetables are mashed in the pot. They add chicken broth whisked with flour, evaporated milk and season with salt and pepper. Shredded cheese is folded in last.


Tristen is checking to see if the other group soup is as good as his.


It’s time to serve up the yummy soup.


Jaihlen thinks it needs hot sauce.


His whole group turned their soup orange with a half bottle.

Of course you can’t have homemade potato soup without homemade cornbread made by Mrs. Brown.


Other teachers were sampling the soup and agreed it was the best meal on a cold fall day.

Now that’s the way we do cooking terms in Foods 1.

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